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Examples of East Coast Blues web site design and photography work

In our design portfolio we have links to some of the web sites that we have created and maintain. One our specialties is in the field of motorcycle event coverage and photography. Be sure to check out our biker sites, we are proud of them.

Our motorcycle event sites

circle03_yellow.gif Bike Week Daytona - Full coverage of the annual motorcycle rally held in Daytona Florida in March. This site includes news, stories and large photo albums of the motorcycles, places and people of bike week.
circle03_yellow.gif Biketober -A motorcycle event held during October in Daytona Florida every year that includes live concerts, contests, bike shows and of course lots of motorcycles and babes as Main Street Daytona gets packed with motorcycles, bikers, chicks, food and fun so get ready to go for a motorcycle ride.
circle03_yellow.gif Bike Week Rally -  USA Motorcycle rally information
circle03_yellow.gif Motorcycle Mamma - Motorcycle Search Engine
circle03_yellow.gif Bike Week Camping - During bike week and other biker events one of the top forms of temporary housing is a tent. It is our goal to provide bikers an easy online place to find available campground facilities that best accommodate their needs during motorcycle rallies and biker events throughout the United States. Camping guide and store for rallies
circle03_yellow.gif Daytona Motorcycle Rally - Daytona Beach rally portal

Our online stores

circle03_yellow.gif Discount Motorcycle Superstore - Shop and Save
circle03_yellow.gif Biker Bargain - Get deals on everything
circle03_yellow.gif Leathers USA - In development
circle03_yellow.gif All Things Natural- Natural products for Health, Beauty and Fitness

Our travel stores - save on flights, hotels, cruises, theme parks and dinner shows

circle03_yellow.gif Adventure Tickets -  This one will be big!
circle03_yellow.gif Cheap Vacation Tickets - The name says it all
circle03_yellow.gif Daytona Hotel Search - Save on Daytona Beach Hotels
circle03_yellow.gif Discount Vacation Deal - Get the picture?
circle03_yellow.gif O Town USA - It's all about Orlando ™
circle03_yellow.gif O Town Travel - Orlando travel information
circle03_yellow.gif Daytona Vacation Beach - Life's a beach

Our Photography sites

circle03_yellow.gif MNO Photography - Photo coverage of motorcycle events, racing, parties, bands, group, organizations, outings, commercial, advertisement, postcards, and personal photo albums. We love this job!
circle03_yellow.gif Ironhorse Photography - In developement

Customer Designs

circle03_yellow.gif  Bringing Home The Wall

Projects and Case Studies

circle03_yellow.gif American Street Bike
circle03_yellow.gif Easy Web Seek
circle03_yellow.gif Go Go Find It
circle03_yellow.gif Lambdaaloha


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