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I have been in work force since I was 13 years old, yes 13! My Mother and Father owned a pet store and I used to go there directly after school and relieve them to go buying and take care of our household. I also ran the store by myself on weekends. I have had many jobs and owned a few business' since that time, but I have predominantly been in the automotive business. I learned how to repair computers by fixing my own when they went down or doing my own upgrades. I started a small repair and upgrade business working out of my house and I did pretty well. The computer pictured here is one that I built. Then I made the mistake of taking on a partner and opening a shop. After a year of barely surviving and paying the overhead by tech. labor only, we closed the business at a loss. I have had a few times where I have had partners and I have finally learned my lesson not to do partnerships. I have only one partner now and that is my woman. She is my partner in life and in business and I will never have another.

east coast blues office
east coast blues office

East Coast Blues was also once a partnership. I created and conceived the idea in late 1996, but did not have the money that it would take at that time for the initial set up of software, hosting etc. So I entered into a partnership with financial backing to start the ball rolling. Again, the labor hours that I was putting in to the business was far too great and the compensation for my time was minimal. In 1999 the partnership fell through, but I persisted in keeping what I had worked so hard to build , alive. At that time East Coast Blues was only 3 domains and barely making ends meet. Today, East Coast Blues owns and operates 45 domains and a hosting service. We are housed on a dedicated server on one of the world's largest networks. Yet, all the income still goes back into the business, so I still work at a part time job in the automotive business and still do an occasional computer house call or upgrade. But I still only have and need one partner to keep this all running.

As you can see we work side by side. She has learned a lot about the business of computer technology and web design by working closely with me for the past six years that I have been doing web design. Now that we also have a hosting service East Coast Blue Hosting she is  strongly involved in it as well, watching over the server, downloading and converting log files and customer service. When you sign on with East Coast Blues you are going to find that you are doing business with real people, not some huge company that wants to see how deep they can get into your pockets. We give you the same attention as though you where our only customer. Within a 24 hour day there is someone at one of these desks at least 20 hours. We have software and emergency notification if the server goes down and we are immediately at work on getting the problem resolved. We can proudly say that we have a 99% up time. Also when you order web design with East Coast Blues the building process of your site goes into effect immediately. 

east coast blues office


Bottom line is that we enjoy our work, we are proud of it and we make every effort to make YOU the customer feel the same way. We will do whatever it takes to make you another satisfied client of our services. Please feel fee to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have. We can be easily reached just click here!


mike and cindi at bike week in daytona fl


on the road. We took a moment to relax during the shooting at Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida. We where there for over 2 weeks and made 20 rounds trips (about 75 miles one way) from Daytona to Melbourne to do updates on BikeWeek Daytona